Saturday, October 30, 2010

Harvest Fest

It's been a while .. our Autumn has been extremely busy. I managed to cook and bake quite alot in September and have some recipes to share .. but I'm still trying to figure out where October went.

We're having a Harvest Fest tonight ...

Pumpkin Soup
On the menu
  • pumpkin soup with spiders
  • home-made pizza
  • drop donuts with a lovely orange zest flavor
  • leaf-shaped sugar cookies
  • hot apple cider - the absolute best cider spices are from Market Spice - they're based in Seattle.

I just put on a cauldron of pumpkin soup - the spiders get added later. I use apples instead of carrots to sweeten an otherwise sour pumpkin soup.  Yummm!

We're expecting a wonderful crowd of customers and quite a few husbands. Plus my friend, Gabi, is driving over for a 3 day weekend of sewing together!

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