Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's for Dinner?

It's a busy week.  The shop re-opened today (after a 5-week summer break) and my new studio is still knee deep while I try to re-organize.  Dinner planning / shopping / prepping this week needed to be simple and easy.

But first let me tell you about Green Goddess Salad Dressing ... in my blog reading I stumbled across Kayln's Kitchen. It looks like there might be some great recipes I can check out later ... but the one that struck me was this and I thought I've never heard of that - is it a generation thing? Yep ... it turns out I'm a tad too young to remember it in it's heyday - I'm not even sure if my older siblings know it ... but it doesn't matter.  I made it and loved it.  I did leave out the vinegar and will probably dial back the lemon juice just a tad but it was lovely and I'm sure it will feature often in our house

TUESDAY - meatloaf, green beans and bacon, fresh tomatoes and green goddess salad dressing (made for the first time yesterday and got "approved" from both of us :)

WEDNESDAY - ribs (pre-boiled and sitting in home-made marinade since Tuesday night) on the grill if it doesn't rain - under the broiler if it does, snap-peas and a small salad with more GG dressing.

THURSDAY - smoked salmon tagliatelle and the only zucchini we got from our garden this year ... the shop is open and when Axel gets home we need to zoom to Ikea so I needed a meal that could be ready in about 20 minutes or less when we get back because it will be nearly 8 by the time we're back

Friday - spinach pancakes if I'm pooped out from the week and putting Ikea furniture for the studio together or leek, pea and bacon risotto.

SATURDAY - manicotti (hopefully prepped and filled on Friday while I'm cooking the risotto)

SUNDAY - mushroom chicken casserole topped with cheese scones

MONDAY - risotto? (unless we have that on Friday, then probably spinach pancakes.  Or start all over with a fresh week plan if I have the car on Monday to do grocery shopping.)

You'll see that about half-way through the week I quit mentioning the veg but that will get filled in with whatever's fresh and available.  Plus regardless of the recipe I tend to pack tons of vegetables into everything I cook so even if it doesn't appear as a separate vegetable on the plate - there in there! - and I dare you to pick them out.

Recipes will surely be added to the cookbook ... but be sure to let me know if any tickle your fancy!

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