Thursday, February 3, 2011

White Bean Stew with Spinach

White Bean Stew
PHOTO CREDIT:  "White Bean Stew by jive turkey, on Flickr"

Things I loved about this recipe:
  • It's packed with vegetables.
  • Beans .. I love 'em for their great source of protein.
  • Spinach .. Axel loves it!
  • It was very quick and easy to make.
  • There's only good in it.  Nothing bad, nada, nothing whatsoever.
Verdict:  A+   this recipe definitely goes on our must-make-again list.

My comments regarding Smitten Kitchen's recipe:
  • I pureed the tomatoes so there were no chunks - it made a lovely orange sauce when finished. Chunks would be fine, but I just didn't want them tonight ...
  • Used spinach because Axel loves it! - I just heaped it on top of the stew and wilt.
  • Topped with a fried (sunny-side up) egg instead of a poached one - mostly because I've never made a poached one and I used very very little olive oil to fry it.
  • I did not add ham (as seen pictured above), that addition seems to be an earlier adaptation of this recipe.
  • The white wine might not have been necessary ... the jury is out on this on, might try making it without (like in next time I just don't have it in the house) and see what happens.
  • A sprinkle of parmesan on top of the stew would be lovely ...

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